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We love helping new brands take off. For THREE65, that meant creating a comprehensive design package that has seen them through their journey to become a market leader...

The Brief

In 2015, THREE65 Spouting embarked on a thrilling new journey. Its Managing Director, Scott, transitioned from owning a national franchise branch to establishing a locally-operated independent business. Creative Mouse was assigned the task of developing the entire design for their fresh identity, encompassing an extended product range and enhanced service offerings. The result of these endeavors was the establishment of a widely recognised brand, and in June 2021, Scott successfully sold Three65.

What we've done for Three65

““The new brand has helped us grow even larger as a business, and has created a real sense of identity with our staff.” ” - Formerly Scott Johnston, THREE65 Spouting Ltd

The Build

The first thing we did was fully understand Scott’s vision, and comprehensively research their competitors, to make them really stand out from the crowd. With that in mind, we built a completely original brand. We developed the name and descriptor line: “THREE65, Superior Spouting Every Day”, along with the tagline that captures the THREE65 experience: “Rain – we’ll take it from there”. By coupling that with the product-inspired visuals of the logo and colour scheme, their branding offers potential customers a snapshot of the quality THREE65 believes in. We designed a new website, and all the advertising materials that helped launch the new brand – including brochures, signage, home show stands, and promotional items. To keep everyone looking sharp we created matching clothing, along with striking vehicle and spouting trailer graphics. We brought a valuable ‘outsider’s perspective’ too, and suggested a spouting cost template on the website which offers inexperienced customers an idea of what to expect. By presenting that initial transparency, THREE65 really builds trust and also increases quality enquiries.

The Stronger Brand

THREE65 has gone from strength to strength. They now have a well established and recognised brand, and thanks to their full service offering they have become a market leader for quality spouting in the region. They’ve even grown to nearly 60 staff. We’re delighted that we were able to get on board in the early stages of their journey, and we continue to provide all the support they needed as they expand even more!

What We've Done for Three65

  • Full new brand package
  • Name and tagline consultation
  • Logo
  • Colour scheme
  • Website
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Home Show stands
  • Banners and posters
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Clothing
  • Promotional items (e.g. branded stationary)
  • Advertising
  • General advice and specialist referrals
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